Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Road Rash

Saturday morning after Taylor and Autumn finished their jobs they took off to play w/ the neighbor kids. They love to ride scooters, skateboards and bikes. They're always doing tricks and jumping off ramps. Once in a while someone falls and gets banged up.
Well, while I was putting away laundry, Autumn comes screaming into the house like a crazy person.
She was screaming that she fell of the pegs of Tyler's (neighbor boy) bike. She was freaking out so bad; I couldn't even see if and where she was hurt. She makes me go in the bathroom to see. I couldn't see anything on her hands or arms or her face. Then she turns around. Her shorts had slipped as she fell and the only thing between her and the tire and ground were her undies. Her ENTIRE left bum cheek and part of her thigh had lost a few layers of skin! If you've ever seen road rash then you'll know the wound is black from the road. I had to get her into the shower and scrub the wound with a rag and some surgical soap I had left over after Harrison's surgery. Meanwhile, Autumn is SCREAMING like her leg was falling off! (I wonder what the neighbors think!)
I wish this was the end of the story but sadly it's not.
Autumn can't handle pain... ever. She was so out of control I gave her some Motrin hoping it would help her pain. It did; but only a full hour later. In that hour, she writhed on the couch in pain. Screaming and crying. I was never so grateful then as I was when the medicine took over.
I have to keep it covered in an antibiotic ointment; I have to change the bandage every 5 hours, so the ordeal replays. Sunday was the worst. The wound showed it's true self and at the end of the day she needed a Valium.
I needed a Valium.
Do they make over-the-counter childrens Valium?

Obviously I can't and won't take a picture of my daughters bum.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back to School

Well, the new school year is off and my kids are very excited with their new teachers.
I can't believe Taylor is a 5th grader & Autumn is a 2nd grader! Wow! Avery starts preschool soon (hopefully) and it will just be me & the lil boys!
Pretty soon I'll be home all by myself... hmmm....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Where did the time go?

I can't believe it's September & I didn't post at all in August!
Shame on me!
I'll off load all the pix on my camera and start sharing!
See you soon!

My Giants!