Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day

Here's how our "Snow Day" went.
~ Woke up to the kids eating the large bowl of caramel popcorn we made yesterday.
~Looked out the window hoping for more snow or at least a cloud cover.
~Decided today I was going to make a rather large dent in my laundry.
~Made chore lists for my kids.
~Got verbally accosted by my kids. ( for chore lists.)
~Delved into the laundry room.
~Hounded kids every 5 minutes to do their jobs.
~Found Harrison under my desk painting the mat and my laptop bag with my foundation and mascara!
~Realized I will have to buy more make-up because he had done this before and these were the backups!
~Did 10 loads of laundry.
~Discovered broken pen in the dryer!
~Was glad I had some jeans in there and not UNDIES!
~Let Taylor make mac-n-cheese for the kids.
~Realized how nice it is to have my older kids learning to make basic foods!
~Watched hours upon hours of CSI and NCIS while folding and sorting laundry.
~Snuggled with my honey when he got home.
~Remembered Harrison had just underwear on AFTER his nap!
~Found Harrison dry!!!
~Ran him to the potty and had a 15 minute conversation with him. No pee :(
~5 minutes later, change Harrison into dry clothes! Pee :(
~Decided Taco Bell was on the menu; sent Honey to retrieve.
~Hosed Harrison off after poo incident. Threw Lighting McQueen undies in the trash while he wasn't looking!!
~Jason helped kids to bed while I took a breather after realizing that I had been cooped up with kids for 2 days. (going outside does NOT count people!)
~Got my Grey's Anatomy fix even though it was a rerun!
~Read Polar Express to Harrison.
~I'm off to my bed and book.
I really don't think some folks thought this "Snow Day" through. Did we REALLY all have to stay home from school? We live around the corner from our school. I would've pulled them on the trash can lid just to get 'em there.
"Snow Days" consist of snow. If there had been snow, the kids could've been out in it not in my hair!
I love my kids but I seriously know what cabin fever feels like just a tiny bit.
I go to my bed; I am crazy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Sister

Okay, so I lied. It has taken me longer to get back on here than I thought.
So much has happened since Monday.
Yesterday, after picking up lunch with my Mom, she received a phone call from my sisters husband. My mom immediately started freaking out! She kept asking what happened? What happened?
Sparing the details; apparently she had a stroke. A small one. She was slurring her speech and unable to communicate. She was rushed all the way from Delta, Utah (her home) up to Utah Valley Hospital in Provo, Utah to have a cat scan.
Within moments my mother, grandma, myself and 4 of my kids knelt in prayer to Heavenly Father, asking him to please bless her and comfort her.
She was experiencing slurred speech, severe fatigue and numbness on the left side of her body.
She had a cat scan yesterday; they found nothing.
She had an MRI this morning; they found nothing.
They will be letting her go home either today or tomorrow.
I cannot believe that a 30 year old woman could have a stroke. It has felt so surreal.
I cannot IMAGINE what I would do if this were to happen to me.
I love my sister. We weren't the best of friends like sisters should be when we were kids but that doesn't keep me from loving and caring about her. We have a great relationship now. We each have 3 kids that were born in the same years. We have lots in common.
I continue to pray for her recovery. I know that she was blessed and comforted by Heavenly Father. I know He heard our prayers and felt our dismay and sorrow.
She has no slurred speech and no more numbness to her body.
I am so grateful her husband was there to care and comfort her too.
My parents left this morning to help take care of her kids until things are figured out.
Family is the most important thing.
Hug your babes and your Honey.

Monday, December 8, 2008


So I can't believe that I haven't posted in over 2 weeks!
My camera flash stopped working; therefore I seem to think I can't blog!
Although I have been SUPER busy, I'll get you all updated tonight when the kids are in bed! ( I like typing with TWO hands normally!)

My Giants!