Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

I am so excited for the New Year!
I just wanted to post some of the things I've been thinking I'd like to do this year.
So here goes:

  • Finally lose some weight
  • Stay organized
  • Become a Director in my Heritage Makers Biz
  • Continue to work on my temper
  • Play more games w/ my kids
  • Remember everyone's Birthdays
  • Attend the Temple more than once a year... sad I know.
  • Travel a few new places
  • Get to know my extended family a little more
  • Continue writing my book
Trust me there's more.
I also plan on posting some pix soon.
Jason spoiled me this year. I got a FANTASTIC new camera for Christmas!
I love it! Just need to off load the 800 pix I've taken since Christmas! Augh!
Happy New Year! Don't worry about making resolutions. Just find joy in everything you do!
I love you my friends and family!

My Giants!