Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where is May going?

Hey who said May could fly by so quickly!?
I can't believe how much has happened this!
Let's give ya the run down:

After 2yrs of hard work, Taylor earned his 1st degree Black belt! Woot woot! Way to go dude!

Mother's Day came and went! Autumn and her class put together a very sweet Mother's Day poetry reading at school! Lots of poems in English and Spanish! Jason and the kiddos gave me Wii Fit too! Love it !

I was in charge of the table displays @ my Heritage Makers Las Vegas Training

I also taught a class @ our training about Successful Digi-Crops!

Lots more has happened since just this last week but my brain is fried!
I'll try to post before we lose the rest of May!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MAY it begin!

May has begun and I am counting down the days until I turn 33.
I think that it is rather funny that so many women think The "30's" are so old! I feel like me (always have) but I know that I've grown in so many ways!

Jason and I will be married 11 yrs this Friday and I love looking back at all the things that we have experience since! Time has flown but we truly have made a fabulous go of it!
So here's a photo of us then:
And here's a photo of us now:Hey we look great! A few pounds, wrinkles or gray hair may change a person physically but never spiritually. I love this guy! He's my big sweetie! He makes me laugh and makes me crazy! But he's wonderful! I love ya honey!

My Giants!