Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Leavitt Laundro-Mat

For the past few weeks I have been running around here trying to get our travel trailer packed and ready for our big summertime camping vacation. Which means I have to make sure that 7 people have 12-15 days worth of clothes each! Plus, I had to pack 2 weeks worth of clothes for my 2 girls who went w/ my mom to Delta, Utah to visit my sister. So this entailed many extra loads of laundry!! Welcome to the Leavitt Laundro-Mat! Which is shear torture for me because I HATE doing laundry! It never ends! I am so happy on the days when all the hampers are empty and all the clothes are put away only to be saddened at the end of the day when my kids get home and some how manage to fill them back up again! I give up! But I would rather die then have my kids wear the same thing 2 days in a row. So I have sentenced myself to a life of laundry duty. sigh.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What's on your menu?

I love it when my kids misinterpret what we say.

The other day I asked Avery & Harrison if they would like a peanut butter sandwich or a grilled cheese sandwich. Harrison stands up and says, " I will have a "boy" cheese sandwich & Avery will have a "girl" cheese sandwich." Apparently I have been misinformed about the genders of cheese!

Friday, June 6, 2008

I'll Never Clean Again!

I've decided that most of my blogging will be about my kids.

So here's one for the books.

On May 23, the day after my b-day, was a day I won't be forgetting.

It started out to be a "normal" day. While I had Avery and Harrison in the tub my cell phone rings; it's the Asst Principal. Augh! She proceeds to tell me that Taylor used the "penis" word in class and the teacher decided he needed to visit the office! NICE! As she is telling me the details, my kids start screaming BLOODY MURDER! I turn around ( no, I didn't leave them alone in the tub duh ) and see large amounts ( of size and quantity ) of poop floating and bobbing around in the tub! GROSS! Avery and Harrison are hysterical and not in the funny way either! They were crying and trying to claw their way out of the tub! So, I rescue them from their imminent doom, dress them and send them off to watch a movie while I get in the shower to clean it. Eww.
15 minutes later I'm dressed & the baby's up. We walk down the hallway to discover a trail of little tiny white balls. As I round the corner to the family room I think " What the H***!?" Sorry. My children are watching Ice Age 2, naked, making snow angels in almost 4 inches, in places, of tiny white "snow" balls!!!! Not to mention they made just a regular kids mess beforehand. This is the part where I begin laughing due to the fact that my sanity has left me. What creative little stinkers live in my house! They had dumped out the basketball bean bag chair; which apparently had a hole; all over the family room floor. I also discover this chair isn't really stuffed w/ beans.
I was trying to understand why they were naked. I get the Ice Age movie made them want to make snow angels but why naked? I guess my kids have no remembrance that snow is cold and that you would never want to flap your body around in it naked.
After 1 hour of cleaning, I filled up the shop vac to the top. Who knew there was that many balls in that chair.
I couldn't laugh about it that day but I can laugh at it now.
It just goes to show that you can't leave your kids alone. Even if you're just in the other room.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Kids

I'm a Mom, therefore, I may brag!
Taylor, my outstanding achiever and Karate Master (almost)

Autumn, my Honor Roll babe and stealthy fireball.

Miss Quick Wit herself, Avery

Harrison, my momma's boy

My sweet Little Owen

You're the Honey and I'm the Peanut Butter

So I decided to start my first blog by sharing with you the meaning of "You're the Honey and I'm the Peanut Butter.
A while back our Daughter, Avery (4), was sitting on the couch watching TV with us. I was sitting across the room trying to get Jason's attention. I kept saying "Honey, Honey." After several attempts, Avery jumps up and says, " Daddy, you're the honey and Mommy's the peanut butter; I'm gonna squish you together and make a sandwich!" I was so caught off guard by her creativity and quick wit, I couldn't help but laugh and give her a squeeze!
I came away with that wit, thinking, "Wow, she nailed that one on the head." I love thinking that Jason and I are two different flavors but when we are "squished" together, we make something fantastic! Not to mention Yummy!

My Giants!